Interior Design Twitters

If you’re fresh obsessed with Twitter like I am and you love interior design, here are some Twitter users that you can follow:

@HouseandHome – House & Home Magazine

@tommystatus – Thomas Smythe from Sarah’s  House, Design Inc., Sarah’s Cottage

@kellydeckdesign – Kelly Deck from HGTV’s Take It Outside

@wallpapermag – Wallpaper Magazine

@MetHome – Metropolitan Home Magazine

@decomaven – Lynda Reeves

@decor8 – Holly Becker (

@hgtvofficial – HGTV

@decorati – Decorati (

@colinjustin – Colin and Justin

@StyleAtHome – Style At Home Magazine

@material_girls -

@mvastudios – Me  :o)  


If you have anymore that I might have missed that you think others would be interested in, please comment for all to see!


UPDATED:  Here are more ID Twitter users

@loftlifemag -

@dwell – Dwell Magazine

@Knoll_Inc – Knoll 

@mocoloco –

@Interior_Design – Interior Design Magazine

@flor – FLOR

@Etsy – Etsy

@RoomyInteriors -

@designpublic -

@DecoratorTweets – AW Decorating


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