For the love of Black and Gucci

As I’ve mentioned here and here, I love The Selby.  Todd never fails to capture the most interesting people and giving us a taste of how they live.

From what I gathered from Cindy Gallop‘s home, she loves black, Gucci, and sex!  But one thing I found very fascinating and motivating is that Cindy is all about changing the world.  She is the CEO and founder of IfWeRanTheWorld experiment where people can turn a single good intention into action.  I’ve signed up and have started making my list of things I want to achieve to make my personal change to this world.  I truly hope people make this experiment a success!

I am a big fan of black but never thought a lot of black would be something I’d like but I love how Cindy has changed the YMCA men’s locker room into a gorgeous and luxurious love pad.

Photos courtesy of Todd Selby