I heart Home Sense

I was in Home Sense this weekend in search of lamps for a client and as usual I found something spectacular.  Only thing was it wasn’t a lamp…. it was a rug!
Mark has been in search of a new rug for his new house for quite some time now and when we went to IKEA one day, he decided to try out one of the hide rugs.  Unfortunately, it didn’t do much for the room so he returned it.

When I was at Home Sense this weekend I found a gorgeous 100% chenille rug that had a beautiful pattern on it.  I emailed Mark a picture and told him to go see it in person which he did the following morning.

Just as I had hoped, he loved it and he bought it!  I think it looks great in their living room.


Custom Kids Art

Mark and Amanda just had a beautiful baby boy named Spencer Harrison Jones and it just so happens that I came across MadeByGirl‘s custom ABC Kids Poster today.  I think these posters are fantastic.  You can even do wedding posters.

I had some time on my hands today so I came up with some custom designs for Mark’s kids Camryn and Spencer.