Muffins anyone?

Today was my first attempt at baking muffins.  My cousin passed on a recipe to me after I devoured at least 10 of her muffins that she made one day.

Not sure how to rate them though.  They don’t taste exactly like hers but they are pretty good I must say. They are very moist which is my favorite part.

Here’s the recipe if you want to give it a go.

Extra Moist Banana Cake


2                        EGGS

1 ½ cups         SUGAR

1 cup                OIL

1 cup                MILK

2 cups             FLOUR

1 tsp                BAKING SODA

1 tsp                 CINNAMON

1 cup                NUTS (optional)

1 tsp                SALT

1 tsp                VANILLA

3 medium  BANANAS or 2 large BANANAS


Mash bananas in a bowl.  Combine eggs, sugar and oil in a separate bowl, then add the rest of ingredients and mix.  Bake at 350°F.

Muffins take about 30 min to bake.  A cake will take longer to bake. Makes 12 muffins.


Top 10 Dining Chairs

Living in a 565 sq ft condo doesn’t leave me much room to have the dining room table and chairs of my dreams.  I have a round glass table from High-Tech and 4 IKEA transparent Tobias chairs and right now they do a great job of giving the illusion of space.  I read a lot of home magazines and I’m always full of envy when I see long gorgeous dining rooms with tables that seat 6 or more people.  Recently we’ve been looking for extra dining chairs that we can also use as side chairs and during our search I saw a lot of nice chairs that caught my eye.

Here are my top 10 but they aren’t in any specific order.

West Elm

West Elm

South Hill Home

South Hill Home


Design Within Reach

De Boers

Brian Gluckstein

Barbara Barry

Barbara Barry