Wish List: Polaroid Instant Mobile Printer GL10

One thing I don’t like about this digital age is that a lot of people have stopped developing pictures. However, I take blame to the fact that I haven’t had photos of family and friends printed and framed in my space in YEARS!

But not anymore!  I’m working on a picture wall with black, gold and silver frames for the living room and somewhere along my stair walls I want to do a collage of some of my Instagram photos.

I came across the Polaroid Instant Mobile Printer GL10 from From Me To You‘s blog (which I LOVE) and I thought it was a fabulous idea!  I love the fact that I can also choose different borders for my printed photos.  It’s been a very long time since I made a photo album of printed photos and I’d love to get back into it and make coffee table books.

So…. this handy little printer is going on my Wish List!

Photos courtesy of From Me To You