Interior Design Twitters

If you’re fresh obsessed with Twitter like I am and you love interior design, here are some Twitter users that you can follow:

@HouseandHome – House & Home Magazine

@tommystatus – Thomas Smythe from Sarah’s  House, Design Inc., Sarah’s Cottage

@kellydeckdesign – Kelly Deck from HGTV’s Take It Outside

@wallpapermag – Wallpaper Magazine

@MetHome – Metropolitan Home Magazine

@decomaven – Lynda Reeves

@decor8 – Holly Becker (

@hgtvofficial – HGTV

@decorati – Decorati (

@colinjustin – Colin and Justin

@StyleAtHome – Style At Home Magazine

@material_girls -

@mvastudios – Me  :o)  


If you have anymore that I might have missed that you think others would be interested in, please comment for all to see!


UPDATED:  Here are more ID Twitter users

@loftlifemag -

@dwell – Dwell Magazine

@Knoll_Inc – Knoll 

@mocoloco –

@Interior_Design – Interior Design Magazine

@flor – FLOR

@Etsy – Etsy

@RoomyInteriors -

@designpublic -

@DecoratorTweets – AW Decorating


Lynda Reeves’ Kitchen Reno

lyndar3 lyndar2 lyndar1 lyndar4

This is one of the most stunning kitchen reno’s I’ve ever seen. It’s a classy, contemporary, traditional, well organized, multifunctional, inviting, stunning, light and airy, and breath taking.  Check out the full gallery here.

Earth Month doesn’t have to end

Though our month of eco-friendly blogging has ended, you contribution to a better planet does not!  All you have to do is think about the little things that you can do to help like using recycled toilet paper to wipe your butt, or making sure you put your Starbucks to-go cup in the recycling bin even if you think that putting in the ‘everything garbage’ bin is easier.  Every little thing counts!

Here are some top 10 ways you can help.

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