My sailing dreams

When I lived at the Distillery a few years back, and our condo over looked Lake Ontario and every summer I loved watching all the boats on the water after work thinking that one day, I’d love to be one of them.  Every year I say that I want to take sailing lessons by the harbourfront and maybe this year I’ll actually do it.

There are condos being built, like Pier 27, by the harbourfront that allow you to dock right up to the building.  Of course I’m sure there’s a pretty penny to pay for those spots but imagine the life you could have!  You come home from a hard day at work, change into some shorts and a t-shirt, prepare a basket of food and wine for dinner, hop into your boat and sail into Lake Ontario and enjoy your dinner and sunset all summer long.



I did some research on boats and they are certainly not cheap.  Depending on what kind of boat you’re looking for, they can run from $40k to $200k+ even for preowned boats.  Looks like I’ll have to rethink my investment portfolio for the future so maybe one day I can get one of these bad boys.

Yachts on the other hand are a whole other beast!  The interiors of yachts these days are just stunning.  When you’re inside the yacht,  I would imagine that it wouldn’t even feel like you’re on water but more like in a mansion on land.  If you have money trees in your backyard with millions of dollars to spare, how about consider one of these yachts?

yacht1 yacht2 yacht3 yacht4 yacht5 yacht6

Photos courtesy of AD