Summer changes to your home

I highly encourage people to change up their home decor as the seasons change.  It brings new life to your space and to your mood at home.  After spending the day outside with blue skies, bright green grass, beautiful orange sunrises and pink sunsets, you want to come home to the same feeling so why not make your space feel just as vibrant.

Here are some examples of things you can change around your house that won’t break the bank.

1) Bring new life to your living room with light and airy sheer drapes, new cushions and a new area rug.

2) Consider the IKEA Karlstad sofa or any sofa that allows you to change the sofa cover to different colors and patterns.  This is the cheapest way to truly change up your space.

3) Art is an inexpensive way to change the look of your walls without having to repaint the room.

4) Even your dining experience needs a change for summer menus.  Brighten up your tableware with bright colors and patterns.

5) Don’t forget your bedrooms and bathrooms! Changing up the bedsheets or shower curtain and towels are easy ways of bringing the summer colors indoors.



1) West Elm // 2) West Elm  //  3) West Elm  //  4) West Elm  //  5) Bouclair  //  6) Crate & Barrel  //  7) IKEA  //  8) IKEA  //  9) West Elm  //  10) PIER 1  //  11) Bed Bath & Beyond  //  12) Bouclair  //  13) IKEA


One thought on “Summer changes to your home

  1. I remember growing up in Chicago, at the end of March, my mom would get ready for the Spring/Summer window dressings. The heavy winter curtains and drapes would come down, while the light, more airy and colorful Spring/Summer, dancing in the wind, curtains went up. Her yearly upgrade, if you will, always signaled the changes in the seasons. As a mother myself…I have done the same. And as a re-designer, I recommend making season’s changes to my clients and those who read my blog. My mother is the inspiration for most of my post because she was a designer of sorts before I ever knew what a re-designer was. I love the brightness that Spring brings….and the change that it ushers in. And I am happy to help pass it on. 🙂

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