Layering Rugs

I recently had a rug cut from a remnant to fit under my bed.  It’s a medium brown rug with a small dark grey border around the edges and has a geometrical diamond pattern on it. I like the rug but I feel like it’s all alone and needs a bit of texture and layering added to it so I’m on the hunt for the perfect rug to layer it with.   Layering rugs has been a long standing trend that will never end. Layering throughout the house creates substance and visual impact and can be done with almost anything like accessories, art, furniture, etc.

Here are a few things that I would suggest if you’re looking to layer rugs in your home:

1) Bottom rug should be low pile so that the 2nd rug sits nicely on top of it.

2) Layering the same rug many times makes a great uniformed look.

3) Feel free to mix patterns as long as there’s a common color between both rugs or with other colors in the room (ie. accessories, wall paint, etc)


layeredrugs_AD layeredrugs_AT2 layeredrugs_Domino layeredrugs_elledecor1 layeredrugs_elledecor2 layeredrugs_elledecor3 layeredrugs_lonnymag

Photos courtesy of Lonny, Elle Decor, Apartment Therapy and Architectural Digest


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