I’m no longer an Anthropology virgin

On Sunday, my gals and I had a date for afternoon tea at the Four Seasons Hotel in Yorkville.  Before we headed to tea time, Leah wanted to check out Anthropology.  I was oh so excited because I’ve never been there before but have perused their website so many times.  Here are the fun things that I loved  in the store.

Interesting light fixture


4 thoughts on “I’m no longer an Anthropology virgin

  1. Did you notice that you can also purchase most of their fixtures? mirrors, chairs, shelves and such. I love, love, love that store. I can’t afford most things in there but I still love that store.

  2. hi,
    just wanted to thank you for commenting on some of my posts!
    also, glad to hear you went to anthropolgie. isn’t it so awesome?


    btw, my vintage oxfords i got via etsy.
    if you still haven’t bought a pair, my best friend said she got steve madden ones.
    they’re not vintage or one of a kind, but they are quite nice.

    – K

    • I’ve been looking on Etsy too but haven’t found one I really like yet. Thanks for letting me know about the Steve Madden’s!

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