Hunting for Roly Poly’s


My in-laws from the UK came for a visit a few weeks ago and in anticipation of their arrival, we setup a new bar in our apartment.  I picked up the Gluckstein ice bucket, shaker, and wine cooler at The Bay and of course our favourite booze from the LCBO.

All I’m missing is a tray and some really nice glassware.

Now if you don’t already know, I’m a HUGE Mad Men fan and one of the first things I noticed on the show were the Dorothy Thorpe Roly Poly glasses in Don Drapers office.  I’ve been hunting them down on Etsy and Ebay ever since.  I missed out on some but this hunt will never end!  In my search for these gorgeous glasses, I found some other beautiful alternatives.  Oh dear, I think I might turn into a glass collector.

don draper glass

mad men glasses

kate spade glasses

Kate Spade

mikasa glasses


london double glass

William Sonoma - London Double Glass

dexter glasses

Dexter Glass


22 thoughts on “Hunting for Roly Poly’s

  1. Hey thanks Jen! I’m actually watching this auction so we’ll see how it goes. I live in Toronto so depending on shipping costs, then I might bid on US auctions.

  2. If you are still interested in these glasses. Let me know. I have a pair of the exact same glasses and was about to put them on ebay.

  3. Cool. I have a few questions about them so please can you email me at (email address spaced out to avoid bots):






  4. It’s odd as i can receive your mail but can’t send. Here’s what i sent:

    Thanks for getting back to me. I guess the obvious questions are: are they genuine? Can you send some pics please?

    What is the quality like; any scratches, scuffs, chips etc.?

    How much do you want for them? Can you ship outside the US (not a huge problem if you can’t but would be good).

    Can you confirm the diameter and height please?

    Maybe you can try sending the answers!


  5. Hi all,

    I’m looking for some of these glasses too for an xmas present for my husband. I don’t mind how many (from a pair upwards) but if anyone can help that would be great. Am in the UK and will of course pay for shipping.

    Many thanks,


  6. Hi all,
    There is a Dorothy Thorpe era two punchbowl set, tray and 12 glasses on ebay at the moment. The seller is enidwriter. They can be shipped anywhere by arrangement.
    Good luck.

  7. Hey
    Did you get any in the end? I’m trying to find some myself but there seem to be different sized versions. The height on these from the image of Pete holding one seems to be about 4 inches or so.
    Any ideas anyone?

  8. My wife bought us a pair for our anniversary. I love them.
    We sat in our hotel room at the beach sipping brandy from them and toasting a great year of marriage.

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