Pure Design Office Makeover

If you’re a a big fan of Samantha Pynn from Pure Design like I am, you’ll love how she transforms the Pure Design Production Office using inexpensive IKEA products.  I know a lot of people out there are anti-IKEA but they have so many things that can help transform a room into an elegant, comfortable, functional and fun space!

Items used in this space:

Tobias dining chairs

Meltorp dining tables

Karlstad sofa

Vejmon coffee table











Photography via Style Sleuth


4 thoughts on “Pure Design Office Makeover

    • I totally agree! It would be nice to see more eco-friendly designs from IKEA. I’m sure they’ll be coming out with them soon.

  1. I actually like the before better. The after is too matchy-matchy, pristine, and pastel for my tastes. I think the before office has more character and appeal. It even looks relaxing.

    Randomly, the open floor warehouse look and soft lighting of the space reminds of me of Janet Jackson’s “Pleasure Principle” music video in a very good way.

  2. Hello it’s a design office, not a music video. Sheesh! I am a big fan of Pure Design. I think both Julia and Sam are stylish.

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