Designer Hotels

I came across a website called today when I was looking for a boutique hotel in Montreal for a future trip next year and I was completely blown away by these gorgeous, lush, chic hotels all over the world.  These designer hotels are TRES POSH and wwaaayy out of league!  But I hope one day to be able to afford to stay in places like these.

Hotel St. Paul - Montreal

Hotel St. Paul - Montreal

Almyra Hotel - Cyprus

Almyra Hotel - Cyprus

Klapson. The Boutique Hotel - Singapore

Klapson. The Boutique Hotel - Singapore

Lute Suites - The NetherlandsDH amsterdam2

Lute Suites - The Netherlands


2 thoughts on “Designer Hotels

  1. I’m a bit confused about the comment “looks sick” by the moderator, as I am sure the owners of these five star deluxe hotels would be concerned about such a negative comment by the moderator. Frankly I am astonished at the verbiage.

    Hopefully it was a typo and the moderator meant SLICK!

    No one has to pay an arm and a leg to stay at any hotel on the planet.

    One travels within their own budget. What may seem extravagant or expensive to one is just normal for another. Many people pay thousands of dollars per night for very fine accommodations.

    Is this site aimed only at backpackers?

    I am more than concerned about the comments of the moderator.

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