My Belle deal


Today was an exciting day for Mark and I. We struck a dream deal with one of our sales traders.  Well a dream for us at least.  Belle magazine that is published in Australia is by far our favourite home decor magazine.  The Great Canadian News Stand in our building is the only place we’ve seen this magazine in and every other month (Belle publishes 6 issues/year) we make it a point to peruse the new issue.  Perusing is all we can afford to do.  The retail price for this magazine is $13.95+tax.  That’s a little over my magazine budget so all I can do is visit it as often as possible at TGCNS.

The sales trader that we made the deal with has spent the last year completely gutting and renovating her new house in Rosedale and at least once a week she would come by our desk and flip through our home magazine collection.  We keep our old magazines at work.  She’s borrowed many of our mags and keeps wanting us to let her rip out the pages she wants but as a home magazine lover, it’s so hard to part with any page especially if it has something you like on it.  So today she asked us if we could make a deal with her.  She’d pay us $200 if she could rip out the pages she liked from our magazines.

Mark and I just looked at each other as if we had just seen someone get beat down with a bleeding eye or something.  It was like, “Oooohhh… that hurts!”.  But then Mark came up with a great idea to have her pay for 2 Belle subscriptions for a year!  All she said was, “Done. Order it online. I know my visa number by heart.”.

So today was a great day for us and we both can’t wait until we receive our very first issue.  I’ll be sure to let you know when I get it.


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