John Mayer’s abode


When Elle Decor featured John Mayer’s house, I was very surprised to see how … I don’t want to say boring … but perhaps textbook design like it was. I would have thought this funny and talented musician would have had a more relaxed and fun atmosphere in his home.  Instead, I thought it looked very boutiqish hotel like.  In the article, it says how he likes Armani suits and how he’d want a home to feel like how he does in an Armani suit but he just doesn’t seem like the 24/7 Armani suit guy.

The only room in the house that I thought suited his personality was his office where all of his awards are.

I would have pictured him more of a mish mash of  mid-century modern with contemporary lines and rustic reclaimed wood furniture.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice place but I just didn’t think it suited his personality.

See pics of his place after the jump




See more photos of his place here.


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