No more cats scratching my couch!


This is what my current couch looks like.  In the past 3 years, we’ve had to replace 2 of our couches because our animals have either ripped it to shreds with their teeth or scratched the hell out of it with their claws.  Declawing them was never an option but FINALLY, we have a solution to our problem.

My boss is very informative of how to rid animals from your garden so of course I told him my dilemma and sure enough, he found me the perfect solutions.

1) SCAT MAT – Emits a mild harmless static pulse when your cat touches it.  Watch video here

2) SSSCAT – Motion detected automatic spray can when cat comes near the spray can.

Here are my own videos of my cat Jasper and my dog Ziggy testing the SSSCAT.


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