My new temporary dining table desk





Last year, we purchased a glass console table that we thought would be perfect for our bathroom but it turned to be horrifying for that space. So… when I purchased my iMAC, I thought it would look great on the glass table.  I’ve been using my iMAC on this table for a long time now and my biggest pet peeve is that the table is too high (31 inches tall). I haven’t purchased a proper desk chair yet because I don’t want something that’s intrusive like a Herman Miller chair.  I have a small space so I need a comfortable but small desk chair. So for now, I use my IKEA TOBIAS chair because I love the fact that it’s transparent.  Of course a 31″ tall desk is not a good height for a 17 3/8″ seat because your arms have to reach too high to type and to use the mouse and that really hurts your shoulders.

So tonight I gave up and decided to use my dining table as my desk.  I have SO MUCH ROOM and I love it!!! I can spread out my magazines, papers, books, headphones, my glass of water and my cup of tea.  We never use our dining table anyway unless someone comes over and an iMAC is so easy to put away when guests come over.





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