Compromising on sofas

I know a couple  (I’ll call them Brad and Angelina for privacy sake) who recently purchased a new house and they’ve decided to have equal say on decor for every room.  In their previous house, they split the rooms amongst the two of them and decorated each alloted rooms as they pleased and it worked out.  But now that they have to compromise on many ideas, it’s become a big challenge for the both of them.

Here are the types of sofas that Brad likes.

markcouch markcouch2


Here are the types of sofas Angelina likes.



Now for a compromise, here’s what I suggest.



4 thoughts on “Compromising on sofas

  1. oh man – I love the kind of stuff Brad does, but I think that Chesterfields are not incompatible with that. In fact, I like them a LOT. Tell him to suck it up and deal with it. If she isn’t happy, NOBODY’s happy.

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