Earth Hour B&A






I can’t figure out why anyone wouldn’t want to participate in Earth Hour.  I took these before and after pics at 8:03pm and 8:34pm and I noticed that from my condo at Spadina & Lakeshore, there weren’t very many people who participated.  Ok.. I confess, I have a telescope and I just happened to see other condos where there was no one home and all the lights were on.  WHY???  My only thought is that they must be renters and have their hydro included in their rent price because as a home owner, I HATE getting my Hydro bill in the mail.  I just cringe to see how much it’s going to cost me this month.

Actually, if you look at the AFTER picture, you’ll see there’s a building that actually turned on their lights for their furnace room.  The furnace room is right at the top of the building.  ????  I’m speechless.

Perhaps their not advertising enough…. I don’t know!  Well let’s hope next year will be better.  I’m just glad that there were many participants across the world who participated so at least we made some sort of a difference.

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