For gardeners without a green thumb


easybloom1 easybloom2 easybloom3

This morning I had a chance to watch Breakfast Television and I’m really glad I did!  I don’t have any sort of green thumb like my dad & sister do.  I don’t think I’ve been able to keep any plants alive because I always forget to water them, or I over water them, or I forget about them entirely, or because I have this fear that there are bugs in the soil.  

Mark Saltzman from Sync Blog showcased a product that will help all gardeners and wanna be gardeners take care of their plants and be able to understand what’s going on with the soil.  It’s a product called Easy Bloom.  You basically stick it in the soil, pull it out, stick it in your usb drive on your computer and voila, it will tell you everything you want to know about your soil and your plant.
Unfortunately it’s only available for purchase in Canada via the web.

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