My favorite Selby stories

Johnny Makeup

Johnny Makeup

About a few weeks ago I discovered a website called The Selby.  Basically, Todd Selby (an amazing photographer) takes pictures of eclectic, interesting, creative, and eccentric people and brings you into their homes so we can truly see their life in living color.  Todd calls them “shoots” on his website but I call them “stories” because you find out so much about these people in his photography.

Here are my top 5 favorite Selby stories so far.  The reason they are my favorite is mainly because I love what they have done with their space and how it truly reflects their personalities.  I’d love to live 1 day in their shoes.

1. cheri messerli and david rager



























2. alexander wang














3. thomas dozal + michael stipe














4. peaches, bunny and lily




























5. paola kudacki and james penfold



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