IDS09 is the very first Interior Design Show that I’ve ever attended.  There were so many interesting new products and designs out there and I wanted to share a few of my favorite highlights.

The gorgeous multi-box drawer system you see above is a masterpiece of Rob Southcott.  This was my most favorite piece of furniture that I saw at the show.

There were 2 highlights of my day!  First, was were meeting Thomas Smythe (aka Tommy) from Design Inc and Sarah’s House.  Second, was hearing the design blogging gurus Max Gillingham-Ryan (Apartment Therapy),  Harry Wakefield (MoCoLoco), and Grace Bonney (Design Sponge)  speak about their blogs and what experience their audience gain from visiting their site.    I, personally, love Apartment Therapy and what it stands for and I am, as Max put it,  an “addict”.



Here’s a short video clip of Max at the show talking about how he first started in the design world.



Another very clever and interesting piece of furniture that really caught my eye was the expandable table from Casalife.  Here’s a video clip to see it in action!!


Here are some other pics from the show.




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