Style in “The City”



If you ask anyone that knows me what one of my favorite things to do is they’d say, without any hesitation, “WATCH TV!!”.  My family constantly makes fun of how I watch tv intensely with my mouth open and if you ask me a question while I’m watching tv, you pretty much have no chance of getting an answer out of me until the commercial break.

But when I watch TV or Movies most especially, I’m constantly noticing the interior design in the shows/movies.  I have no problem admitting that I LOVE MTV’s “The Hills” and now “The City”.  And from the past few episodes of “The City”, I’ve been enamored by the furniture and design that you see on the show.  I’m always paying close attention to what Whitney, Erin, or Olivia have in their apartments and what furniture is used in the DFV office.  I would love to have Eames chairs in my conference room!!

Erin’s Gramercy  apartment is full of color and warmth.  It’s a place you’d love to come home to after a hard days work and just watch tv on her gorgeous plush settee or have a small dinner for 4 in her dining room.  I think she has great taste!  Olivia’s posh Tribeca apartment is very sophisticated and elegant and you just don’t want to touch anything.  Although I’d love to steel the Hermes tray on her coffee table.  What I’m really looking forward to is seeing Whitney’s apartment turn into a fashionable upscale apartment.  So far, I’m not in love with her settee personally but it’s definitely suited to Whitney’s style.  She’s very down to earth, sexy, sophisticated, and warm.  From what we can see of the apartment, it exudes natural light and has a beautiful view of Manhattan from the balcony.

DVF Office


Erin’s Dining Area



Erin’s Settee



Olivia’s Living Room and Terrace




Whitney’s settee & balcony




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